Located at Kaimana, Papua Barat, Indonesia

Pulau Aiduma is a small island on the south coast of the West Papua province of Indonesia. If you picture Papua New Guinea as a flying duck, then Triton Bay is just under its “neck”, and Aiduma Island is at the south end of the bay, two kilometres off the mainland. The island is in one of the most remote regions of the Indonesian Archipelago, only reached by sea as there are no significant ports nearby. The island is the site of outstanding diving.

Dive Spots in Aiduma


Batu Jeruk, Aiduma

Papua Barat, Indonesia

Batu Jeruk is a Dive site on the other side of Aduma island. Its name in Indonesian means the orange rock. It received this name because soft orange corals cover the dive site. The corrals are again t...


Little Komodo, Aiduma

Papua Barat, Indonesia

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